The Alliance

We aim to solve the logistical issues in the jet charter market

24/7 Support

Our sales office is available around the clock to provide you a solution to your needs in a swift manner.

Market Knowledge

Boost your profits and expand your aircraft network by utilizing a well diverse fleet of aircraft around the globe.


Always be informed of aircraft movement and availability. Don’t miss out on One Ways and Transient jets that could provide you the information to be ahead of your competitors.

Payment Proccess

Qualified customers can pay with credit card, otherwise via wire transfer to any of our US Bank accounts.

Centralized Expenses

When flying into a new territory, our members receive financial backing to assist them in covering expenses such as insurance, fuel, and handling.

Build Trust

We aim to gain trust from more consumers through the centralization of our operations and marketing the Go2Jets Alliance as a U.S. based sales company.