Falcon 50 Interior Photo
Tail Number: N504JS
Aircraft Type: Super Midsize Jet
Location: North America
Entry Into Service: 1982
Refurbished: Int. 2018 / Ext. 2018
Maximum Range: 3,057nm / 6.3 hrs
Seating Configuration: Seats 9 pax
Crew: Two cockpit crew
Luggage Capacity: 115 cu ft.
Certifications: Argus Gold Rated
Cabin Specifications: Height: 5.9 ft. Width: 6.1 ft. Length: 23.5 ft.
Operator: Aircharters Worldwide Inc DBA My Jet Saver - Certificate Number: 9WCA587N

Aircraft Range

Aircraft range is dependent upon runway length, passenger lead, baggage, departure elevation, and temperature.

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